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Lily Talmers


March 28, 2024



£12 + booking fee

Why not start off your long Easter holiday bank holiday bonanza with a bit of live music from New York-based musician & songwriter, Lily Talmers? With a voice described as ethereal, and lyricism as wistful as it is cutting, Lily credits the 60’s Folk Revival for her beginnings as a songwriter, and various odds and ends for her development as a musician and instrumentalist– she played classical piano and cello growing up, finding herself always more moved by resonance and melody than by the discipline of notation and study.

Though her musicianship reveres the American roots tradition, her compositions reveal a much broader fascination with music— the influence of Greek, Lusophone, and classical music all subtly swirl around in her melodies. Her hope is not to be tied down by genre, but rather to engage with “folk music” as it is most loosely defined– that is, “the music of the people.”

During the spring, Lily teaches at the University of Michigan’s New England Literature Program, which is an immersive literary intensive from April to June each year. There, she teaches both the core curriculum of transcendental literature, and is at the helm of cultivating a robust musical community for students, including the facilitation of a series of classes on songwriting, focusing on poetics, rhythm, harmony and creative cultivation. She has also taught as a guest lecturer through U of M’s Residential College and Performing Arts Technology Programs, focusing on songwriting, and lyricism.