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Interpretation & Learning

Sudbury Arts Centre is a place where stories inspire and history unfolds. This is a space for our visitors to stay a while, explore, learn and have fun. We are here for everyone.

Schools and Families

We have worked with local primary schools to develop tailor-made creative workshops that teach children about weird and wonderful characters like our Green Men. We are making maths fun and teaching observational skills by looking at tessellations in our stained glass windows and learning about Sudbury’s Past, Present & Future.

With a dedicated Engagement Officer, we will continue to develop and deliver fun and creative heritage learning workshops for schools and whole families to enjoy. Please get in touch today if you would like to arrange a school visit.

learning | Sudbury Arts Centre


We are proud to have worked with the community to co-create vibrant storytelling within the building. You can experience these things when you visit the centre, or follow along on our social channels via #JoinTheConversationSudbury.

St Peter’s by Luke Wright is a commissioned poem recounting the moments St Peter’s has seen in its lifetime. The poem was crucial to our social campaign which unwrapped our new brand throughout 2023.

Though many of our stories have already been told, those listed below are yet to unfold…

  • Sudbury Silk Mouse Trail – created with and by students from Ormiston Sudbury Academy
  • Silk Banners – created with and by students from Thomas Gainsborough School 
  • Sudbury Soundscape by Simon Keep – created with members of the community 
  • Dressing Up Through Time – commissioned costumes created from the medieval to Georgian period
  • Visual Heritage Timeline – commissioned artwork by Mackman Group
  • St Peter’s in the Making – short film about the 2021-2023 transformation into Sudbury Arts Centre

Explorer packs for smaller visitors, including magnifying glasses, colouring pencils and binoculars will be available soon.