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Sudbury Municipal Charities Gift Giving


May 9, 2024




We are delighted to welcome back to St Peter’s, the 400+ year old Ascension Day Gift ceremony. All are welcome to come and witness this most important of the Sudbury Municipal Charities’ annual engagements, at which clothing and food vouchers are distributed to selected over-75s in the community by the current Mayor of the town. The members of the Suffolk Guild of Bellringers, led by our Tower Captain, Derek Rose, will ring the bells to mark the occasion.

The ceremony began in 1622 to purchase canvas to provide smocks and shirts to elderly residents of Sudbury to be given out on Ascension Day. The original bequest was left by Martin Cole, draper of Sudbury, on 20th September 1620.

A further legacy was left by Nathaniel King who died in 1668. In addition to Christmas Day Gifts of overcoats, he directed that 100 sixpenny loaves be given with Martin Cole’s distribution.

We’re proud to support this civic custom to continue.